Spring Gear Guide | Hoodies, Scarves, Crossbody Bags & Gifts

Spring has sprung. Hoodies, scarves, crossbody bags and fanny packs are featured in Easier Journeys spring gear guide.

Spring has sprung in the Northern Hemisphere and with it the promise of longer days, warmer temps, fresh blooms and new beginnings. It also brings with it a crush of activity including more time on-the-go: urban walks, hikes, picnics, shopping, gardening, patio time, camping and road trips. Not to mention Easter, Mother's day, May long weekend and Father's day.

Are you ready for the bustle of spring!? If not, never fear, Easier Journeys has you covered. Simply navigate over to Easier Journeys’ shopping pages and browse our collection of some of the latest "on-the-go" accessories including crossbody bags, fanny packs, hoodies, sweatshirts, scarves and hygienic germ keys to help you more easily tackle all of this spring's journeys.

Or peruse our Spring Gear & Accessories Guide below. Adding any of these items to your seasonal on-the-go gear - or to that of a friend's or family member's gear - will help ease all your journeys this season.

Have fun out there and be safe, active and well!

Easier Journeys' Chief Traveller

Walking, Shopping, Picnicking, Camping & Road Tripping Gear & Gift Guide

Find below some of the latest in gear gems for your upcoming shorter travels -  whether taking a stroll, heading to the mall, road tripping, picnicking or urban hiking - or to stock up on for future faraway trips. 

Additionally, do you have a parent, grandparent or loved one who is always "on-the-go"? This Mother's day and Father's day, help make their many journeys day in and day out easier by giving them the gift of easier strolls, urban hikes, scenic drives, grocery shopping and more! Any of our gear gems make excellent gifts. 

(**Be sure to order gift items early to allow for processing and shipping times.)

Woman showcasing Easier Journey's hidden pockets hoodie. On-the-go gear. Crossbody bags, fanny packs, hoodies and scarves.

Hidden pockets hoodie, sweatshirt and infinity scarves. Ensure your essential items are secure and close at hand while traversing hands-free. Never again find yourself without a pocket.



 "Excellent sweatshirt ... practical and comfortable! Love the way the bottom is cut as well."
Man and woman showcasing Easier Journey's crossbody bag and fanny pack combo on a walk. On-the-go gear. Hoodies, scarves, germkeys and collapsible water bottles..

Crossbody bag and fanny pack combo. This clever, thoughtful, pandemic-era bag (available in 3 colours) is your all-in-one, grab and go bag. Loaded with features, it will help ensure you have all the essentials you need with you when you step out the door. 



Man putting Easier Journeys' collapsible water bottle in his pocket | crossbody bags, hoodies and scarves for walking, hiking, road tripping

Collapsible water bottle. Are you tired of lugging around empty water bottles or searching for a recycling bin? This innovative, sturdy, lightweight collapsible bottle solves these travel troubles for you.   


Image of Easier Journeys travel and on-the-go care kit, woman has it attached to her backpack for safe journeys walking, hiking, road tripping.

On-the-go care kit. In a zippered, durable and compact pouch our all-in-one kit contains everything you need these days for a safe roundtrip to and from home whether walking, going to the mall or road tripping.  




Easier Journeys crossbody bag and seatback travel and on-the-go organizer for easier commutes, road trips, walks and urban hikes.

Crossbody bag and seatback travel organizer. Whether road tripping, taking a bus or plane, walking or running errands have your trip essentials organized and accessible with our ingeniously versatile seatback organizer that doubles as a crossbody bag. 




Image of Easier Journeys' Van Gogh Starry Night Journal

Van Gogh starry night travel journalGift this timeless journal and help those you love capture the memorable moments, unique delights, surprising stories and thoughtful musings about the places, cultures and people they encounter. 



This journal is "sooo beautiful, I love the structure of the cover material."
Image of Easier Journeys virtual gift card | Hoodies, scarves, sweatshirts, fanny packs.

Easier Journeys virtual gift card. Give your family, friends, loved ones, co-workers and others in your life the gift of less hassle and stress and more fun, convenience and comfort while on-the-go. No matter where they're off to, they'll thank you for the easier journey. 



Do you have questions about any of the gear or accessories featured or suggestions about anything else related to Easier Journeys? If so, let me know in the comments below. I look forward to hearing from you!

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